An Internal HR Tool for a rapidly changing team


Upshift is a staffing agency, that's help people find flexible jobs and shifts with ease.

Utku (our primary contact) is a product manager whose primary role is to build products that Upshift can use internally that will improve current business processes.

When someone new is onboarded there are a set of steps they need to go through and once they are on the team they need access to standard HR functions, vacation timetable, 360 feedback, a place to understand their potential career progression and what it takes to get to the next step.

The team at Upshift had the idea of building a custom tool that delivered each of these functions and wanted to turn it around relatively quickly. They had an initial timeline of 2 months, we delivered it in 3 weeks.



The Upshift team a very clear brief on what they wanted the platform to look like, with a few sketches.

We took this brief and planned the features of the platform. Adapting the features it to work within the team’s constraints. For example Google Sign In was in the original feature list but Upshift also wanted the HR users to create an employee's accounts for them during onboarding.

Both of these things were not possible whilst using their tech tool of choice (Bubble). So we explored alternative methods of creating the users and pros/cons of each choice.

We explored this and a few other similar features, together with discussions on feature priorities and created a roadmap for the product.


During design we created a Miro file with a sketch of the platform and agreed on major features.

As this tool was an internal facing HR tool with straight forward functions we opted for speed over design and then built out the MVP using this sketch.


  • Upshift embodies a transformative double-sided marketplace that bridges the gap between businesses and daily-hour workers and they were on the hunt for ways to build products that help them company
  • They observed the HR team and realised they could make it more efficient
  • Onboarding wasn't smooth
  • There was no centralised vacation system
  • No centralised feedback system
  • A brief sketch via workshop with Upshift
  • Prioritised features to build optimal v1.0
  • Delivered version 1.0 and revised after feedback
  • Delivered to one department and rolled out to rest of organisation once tested
  • Since begun development on additional modules including subscription + timesheet management
  • Developed in 3 weeks
  • Strong prioritisation of features and client needs
  • Built leveraging no-code tools


We developed using no-code, both front and back-end.

We focused on speed whilst also placing a large emphasis on data security as we were dealing with sensitive data and had many different user roles.

We tested edge cases extensively with the Upshift team to ensure data was held securely.

Once completed we rolled out the Beta for an Upshift department and then grew usage gradually from there.

Since the delivery of this product we have continued to expand the custom tools used by the team - developing towards a custom ERP.



Speed - We built the platform in less than 3 weeks less than half the time that had been quoted by other agencies


Prioritisation - We used our tech knowledge to work within Upshift's constraints, for example focusing on function over design to make sure we could test quickly


Quality - The tool was adopted quickly by the target department. Saving time and creating a unique solution for Upshift's organisation.
"Mokutan has empowered us to build a powerful no-code platform effortlessly, leaving behind the clutter and embracing the speed of innovation."
Utku Açıkgöz - Product Manager @ Upshift