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We are a software development agency building custom cross platform applications, leveraging code, no-code and AI.

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We are a team of developers and designers available for hire. We specialise in building custom software for businesses and building B2B SaaS Products for start-ups.

We are great at finding the root cause of problems and creating tools that deliver over and above what the businesses themselves could have imagined.

When it comes to bringing your product to life, we leverage a range of tools, from: no-code platforms like and flutterflow, to traditional code like flutter.

If you have an idea for custom software you’d like to explore with us then book a custom consultation using the button below.

We will give you an estimate on the cost and timing of your project within 48 hours.

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how we do it
We will join you at the beginning of the journey of reviewing your current process and designing a new process to fit your needs. This will involve interviews with yourself and the end-users to design the process and then work together to develop the best software to match your needs.

We can build software for any device including iOS, Android and Web and will tailor the technology and process we use for your specific problem. For example, we often create a mobile application for employees as well as a desktop application that team's in the head office are able to use to organise on a day-to-day.

We often encounter clients who have had a tough experience with a previous agency. Our Recovery Project, will audit the work that has been completed before, where possible, and create a plan to get you back on track to completing the project.
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Mokutan have delivered exactly on every promise they made. They deliver on time, communicate with clarity and set expectations properly. I definitely recommend them!
Michele S. Venture Partner At silicon foundry
Really patient, reliable, and skilled. Their experience and professionalism certainly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend working with Mokutan; they're a tremendous value to your project.
Wayne B. CEO at Limelight Internet Showcase
Working with Mokutan has been a dream. I've valued both the team's technology expertise, as well as their flexibility, problem-solving skills, and authenticity. Most importantly, our relationship feels like a true collaborative partnership, which is critically important but traditionally difficult to find in this space.
Luke L. CEO at namesake
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