Changing The Face of British TV & Film


The Kusp places creatives from diverse backgrounds into film studios, ranging from fashion brands like Flannels to BAFTA award winning studio Somesuch.

The studios would call The Kusp and ask for a creative who matched their needs. For example a Photographer or Director.

The Kusp’s team would look at their long list of creatives then create a shortlist of who they thought fit the position. They would then check if the creatives were available and put those that they thought would suit the position forward to the film studios. This high touch approach gave studios confidence that they were getting the best talent.

The Kusp has done this successfully for years but realised that a few problems were stopping them scaling:
  • Studios often need creatives with only 1/2 days notice, and The Kusp sometimes struggled to fulfil this
  • The Kusp team had to have a lot of involvement in every placement



The Kusp approached us to build a web based platform that allowed film studios to browse and find their own creatives.

We held workshops with The Kusp, interviewed the primary users and divised a vision of the process for the app.

Once interviews were complete, the users desired features and expressed problems were prioritised and used to created a plan for the Phase 1 app build.


  • The Kusp connects Creatives with TV & Film Studios
  • They are often given short notice to find creatives for shoots
  • They were limited on how many creatives they could connect
  • Revenue was intermittent
  • Conducted interviews with key users
  • Hosted workshops to design process for the application
  • Built a Flutter Web application
  • Included Admin console so The Kusp could manage independently
  • Trained The Kusp team on how to use it effectively
  • Increased the number of creatives The Kusp can place
  • Allowed The Kusp to earn recurring revenue
  • Increased the amount of time available to The Kusp


Once we had designed the flow for how a user would use the software we used this to design the application.

We designed the platform to be web based and mobile responsive.

After a couple of iterations with the client we decided on a final flow, design and feel.


We used an agile methodology and developed the platform over 3 months.

With a consistent focus on look and feel, in the production industry presentation is everything, so we made sure that was reflected in the platform.

We developed using Flutter for the front-end, to enable future scale in combination with Firebase and Cloud Firestore.



Increased the number of creatives The Kusp can keep in their books and allowed the creatives to maintain their own profile. Increasing the relevancy and chance of getting new jobs


Allowed The Kusp to earn recurring revenue in the form of subscriptions from the film studios


Freed up time for The Kusp team to pursue other company building projects
"I have to give it to you all, this is Phenomenal!"
Amos Eretusi - CEO | Founder of The Kusp