Using Bubble to Digitalise An Event Planning Agency


Planit helps clients ranging from Nestlé to 10 Downing Street plan their events.

Planit realised that their project planning could be improved, and some of it automated. Which would allow them to service more clients and give a better service to their current ones.

They also realised that if they built the software well enough then they could sell it as a service to their clients.

Planit approached us with the idea to create a bespoke software, initially used by them and once it gained traction to be expanded to be sold as a software that other event planners could use.



Planit wrote a brief of what they wanted to achieve, together with a sketch of their vision.

We took the brief and broke it down into a list of high level features.

And then in a workshop, with lots of tea and biscuits, we took that brief, the high level features and used it to plan out the project and the platform.

We answered high-level questions like, what are the goals of the platform? And specific ones, what do we want users to do when they hit the first page and what do we want them to feel?

Once we had a clear vision for the application, we took time and budget constraints and made a plan for:
  • The best technologies to use
  • Which feature set to implement in the MVP
  • A final budget and timeframe to deliver


  • Joseph, Planit's CEO realised he was doing similar, repetitive tasks for every project
  • He wanted a software to automate those tasks
  • Planit would create a product out of the software and charge other companies a subscription to use it
  • Two Scoping sessions with interviews with Planit's founding team and investors
  • Prototype created using Figma
  • 2 Design iterations
  • Developed a Full Stack Application using Bubble
  • Mokutan on retainer for feature additions
  • Better quality of service to Planit customers
  • A second stream of income
  • Ability to scale their business


Following the workshops we created a complete flow of the customer’s journey.

Then using this flow, in combination with Planit’s in-house designer, our design consultation and Planit we created a high-fidelity design.

After a couple of iterations we arrived at designs with a dashboard feel, that allowed users to take control of their journey, Planit to be involved and ensured a high level of interaction across the platform all whilst testing the key value proposition.


We developed the platform using no-code tool Bubble, to aid Planit’s main goals which was to deliver an app that could help them build initial traction, test their value proposition and position them to raise funding.

The app was built to be a web platform primarily as most users would use at their desktop.

Beta testing and closed testing was conducted for another month and then the app was delivered to end users.

Within months of the launch the Planit team closed a multi-million pound project to be planned and delivered using the platform.



Allowed Planit to deliver a better quality of service to their original and new event planning customers


Gives Planit a second stream of income via subscription to the platform for similar companies


Allowed Planit to deliver a better quality of service to their original and new event planning customers
"Absolutely love it! - Thank you for everything"
Joseph Charlton - Managing Director | Founder of Planit