Rebuilding a .Net Bluetooth Companion App in Flutter & adding a Web Dashboard


BeerTech, a company based in Scotland provides SmartCellar devices, which measure the temperature of beer inside kegs in pubs.

These devices, aimed at sustainability, turn off the air conditioning unit when not in use, in order to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The devices were accompanied by a 10-year-old .NET based app that was able to send one email at a time telling a user how their device was performing.

BeerTech wanted a modern solution that would allow a user to monitor all of the pubs in their portfolio, for example, a large corporation that owns more than 300+ pubs across the United Kingdom.



Understanding Requirements: We began with detailed interviews and workshops with the client to fully understand the problems with the existing system, their specific requirements, and their future goal.

Defining Scope: A project roadmap was laid out, detailing the features, functionalities, and technologies to be used. A timeline was set with milestones, ensuring alignment with the client's expectations.


User Experience (UX) Design: Crafting user personas and user journeys helped us in creating a design that resonated with the end-users — pub owners and managers. Wireframes were developed to visualize the app's structure.

User Interface (UI) Design: Using modern design principles, we created an intuitive interface, incorporating brand colors, icons, and visual elements that reflect the company's ethos of sustainability and efficiency.

Technical Design: Architecture and technology stack were carefully chosen to ensure scalability, security, and seamless integration with the existing smart seller devices.


  • BeerTech have devices that monitor beer temperature in pub kegs and needed to modernise the companion app.
  • Their 10-year-old, .NET based app only sent single readings via email, lacking comprehensive oversight across all pubs.
  • The devices aimed to turn off air conditioning units when not in use to save energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.
  • We created a new app featuring a web dashboard that displays readings from all pub locations across the UK.
  • We used modern technology to build the app, which allowed monitoring over 300+ pubs in one dashboard.
  • The new app was deployed to both iOS and Android stores, replacing the outdated system.
  • Improved efficiency and usability.
  • Enhanced monitoring of energy consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in cost savings.
  • Provided comprehensive insights into all pubs across the entire estate.


Prototyping: A functional prototype was created to demonstrate the core features, enabling early feedback from the client.

Core Development: Focusing on the main functionality of temperature monitoring and control, we ensured that the app communicated effectively with the SmartCellar devices.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing was conducted to guarantee precision, robustness, and reliability.

Testing + Launch

Beta Testing: The app was released to a selected group of users for beta testing, ensuring that real-world usage scenarios were considered.

Performance Optimization: Any reported issues were addressed, and the app was optimized for performance, ensuring it was ready for a large number of users.

Deployment: The app was launched on both iOS and Android platforms, accompanied by a comprehensive user manual and training resources for pub owners.

Updates and Maintenance: Regular updates were scheduled to introduce new features, fix any emerging bugs, and ensure compatibility with new operating systems and devices.



Energy and Cost Savings: The app enabled better control over energy consumption, directly translating to cost savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.


Enhanced Monitoring: With the new web dashboard, the client could monitor all of their 300+ pubs in one place, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.


Modern Technology: Rebuilding the app with up-to-date technology ensured that it would be future-proof and easily maintained, aligning with the company's sustainability goals.
"Mokutan were an excellent partner for our application rebuild. We're delighted with the new look and feel of the app."
Steve Comerford - CEO @ BeerTech Ltd